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European White Oak Lumber

European White Oak Lumber

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European White Oak Lumber

Volume    100+ m3 per month
Thickness    30-50 mm
Width    100-350 mm
Length    350-2850 mm
Grading system    European grading rules
Quality    F 1
Drying    Kiln dry (KD)
Description    Good day, Ladies and Gentelmen! We offer you long-term contracts and contracts for

one-time delivery of lumber own production of hardwood (oak, ash, linden, alder, aspen, birch). We

offer lumber from an industrial manufacturer of the Republic of Belarus. We are ready to provide 350

m3 of lumbers per month as part of a long-term contract.

Other dimensions than the above mentioned, we are able to realize on request. In addition, we are

manufacturers of pallet boards, in accordance with the expectations of the customer.

Terms of delivery: FCA, DAP, CIF, FOB etc. (by agreement);
Method of delivery: transport at the expense of the buyer;
Certification: FSC;
A method of cutting: the angular disk-sawing;
Types of cutting: tangential, radial, lafet;
Payment Terms: payment order to the account of the seller;
Order of payment: prepayment for the agreed quantity of products;
Minimum order: 20 m3 (TIR).

We hope for fruitful cooperation with you!

For more information, please, contact with us on E-mail or call. To communicate with us please use the

following contacts!

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European White Oak Lumber
European White Oak Lumber
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