Flavors and Fragrance Plant in Köln bestellen
    Flavors and Fragrance Plant in Köln bestellen
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    Flavors and Fragrance Plant in Köln bestellen
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    Flavors and Fragrance Plant

    Capacity: Dependent on products produced.
    Most reactors are 3000 gallon capacity
    Year: 1998 Year Closed: 2002
    Status: Available Technology:
    Autoclave Hydrogenation, Esterification with Sulphuric Acid catalysis, Koch distillation packaged units, multiple technologies possible.

    Raw Material: Dependent on products produced - gases, liquids and solids capable. Documentation: Excellent Equipment Files, some electronic Products Produced:
    Includes, but not limited to:
    Para menthane 3,8-Diol Alpha-Angelica
    Santalex Alpha-Angelica Lactone
    Menthol-JPG DM L-Citronellol
    D-Citronellal-DM I-Citronellyl Nitril
    Suzaral Cooling Agent 10
    ATON 4H Myrcenol
    Vanillyl-n-butyl ether Nitrile
    Dimethylbrassilic Acid Musk T
    Utilities Consumed:
    • Steam
    • Electricity
    • Air
    • Nitrogen
    • Water
    • Boilers, Hot Oil Furnace, Chillers, Air Compressors, TOX's, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Diesel Fire Water pumps all available on site
    • Complete Hydrogenation System New in 2000.
    • Large plant upgrade in late 1998
    Brief Overview:
    • IPP's Complete Flavor and Fragrance Plant is 28 Acre Rail Serviced Industrial Site.
    • IPP's Complete Flavor and Fragrance Plant is Available For Sale (With Real Estate), Lease or Rent.
    • IPP's Flavor and Fragrance Site is Located 30 Miles South Of Chicago and 30 Miles from O'Hare International Airport.

    Site Features:
    • Complete Flavors, Fragrance (Musk) and Fine Chemical Plant
    • 152,000 sq. ft. of Total Building Area
    • 86,300 sq. ft. of Manufacturing Space
    • 66,200 sq. ft. of Office/Lab Space
    • (4) Exterior Docks and (2) Drive-In Doors for Loading
    Property Summary:
    • 28 Acres of Land in Private Industrial Park
    • Zoned Commercial/Industrial
    • Rail Spur Runs Adjacent To Plant and Is Accessible By Truck
    Process Description:
    Main Process Areas:
    1. Autoclave Process Area: Autoclave Hydrogenation followed by Filtration.
    2. Multi-Purpose Plant: Multi-purpose Reaction followed by Distillation.
    3. Fragrance Plant: Esterification reaction, distillation, polymerization reaction,de-polymerization reaction, distillation.
    Major Equipment:
    The majority of the equipment was constructed in 1998 and was operated for approx. (4) years. There are some equipment left from a previous NutraSweet® operation such as crystallizers and centrifuges.
    • Hydrogenation System
    • Reactors: (3) Glass Lined and (5) Stainless Steel
    All reactors are jacketed, most with agitators, (1) with internal coils.
    • Filters
    • Vacuum Dryers
    • Centrifuges
    • (5) Koch Packaged Distillation Units
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Tanks
    • Utility equipment including Boilers, Refrigeration Equipment, and Compressors
    • Pilot Plant
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