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Frying Oill

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In close association with the College of Applied Science in Muenster – area Nutritional Science – a special deep frying and frying oil has been developed. Based on pure vegetable components, this oil fulfills the necessary nutritional physiology aspects as well as the special requirements of modern deep frying and frying equipment. It provides not only a high heat stability and an extended long-life use-by-date but is also easily digestible because the ingredients absorb less fat during frying. The proportion of trans-fatty acids is, in comparison to the most commonly used hard fats and oils, significantly lower (under 1 %) and carries therefore a physiological upgrade with it. The flavour of the prepared deep-fried goods is maintained through the carefully refined oil. The high smoking point of the oil ensures that no unpleasant odours are emitted. The deep-frying oil always stays fluid, avoiding the tiresome ‘melting out’ process sometimes required by other products before use. Disposal after use is also intrinsically simple.

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Frying Oill
Frying Oill
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