Methanol Plant in Köln bestellen
    Methanol Plant in Köln bestellen
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    Methanol Plant in Köln bestellen
    Capacity: 1500 TPD
    Year Closed: 2005
    Status: Installed

    Upgraded in 1976, when (2) Lurgi reactors were added

    Brief Overview:
     1500 TPD, methanol plant. Unit has Selas reformer, that feeds a common compression and methanol converter reaction system. Upgraded in 1976 with (2) Lurgi reactors. Main components include a Clark compressors, GE turbines, SS and Adm Brass condensors and exchangers.

    Process Description:

    Methanol cannot be synthesized (or converted) from natural gas directly in the Bishop process. The components of natural gas (methane, ethane, propane, etc.) must first be converted into intermediate compounds before they can then be synthesized into methanol in the Lurgi converters. The process used to form these intermediate compounds (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen) is steam reforming. Since the reforming reaction is endothermic (requires heat to sustain it), the reaction is carried out in what is termed a primary reformer which is actually a fired furnace. Natural gas-fired burners provide heat to the Selas Reformer. Since sulfur is a reformer catalyst poison, a desulfurizing system is in place to "scrub" the incoming natural gas for process feed. Two vessels filled with activated carbon are operated in series, and a third vessel contains zinc oxide. This scrubbing system removes primarily hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

    The process feed to the Selas Reformer is a mixture of 240 psig steam, "scrubbed" natural gas, and (at times) gaseous carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide (CO2) is vaporized from liquid CO2 held in refrigerated storage tanks. The ratio of process steam to the carbon components of the process feed is called the steam to carbon ratio. This is controlled to prevent the formation of elemental carbon in the reformer tubes. This can result when insufficient oxygen (available in the steam, water) is present in the reforming reaction.
    zurücksetzenin section "Der Komplex der Engineering-Dienstleistungen für die Unternehmen der chemischen und oel-und gasverarbeitenden Industrie"
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