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The Dedy Praline Cutter is suitable for cutting praline substance, fat substance, butter, gianduja, marzipan, fondant caramel, ganache, jelly substance, petit fours, cut praline and similar into precise squares, rectangles and rhombi.

The praline substance slab of 360 x 360 mm which has to be cut is produced by rolling out between rails or filling of mould frame or mould plates. The praline parts are cut in this way:

The rolled-out, filled-out or evenly distributed substance is applied to the tray´s surface of anodized aluminium and is cut in the first direction with the corresponding frame cutter. The thin sheet of V2A (stainless steel), which is one of the accessories, is pushed from behind under the cut substance and the strips are lifted. The frame cutter is opened and the strips are moved by 90°, they are placed again on the tray and cut a second time. Square forms are thus obtained. If the strips are placed transversely, rhombi are obtained. To produce rectangles for the second cut another suitable frame cutter is used.

The bearing block (base) is of anodized aluminium, all other parts are made of stainless steel.

Accessories: 1 take-off metal sheet, 1 roll of wire, screws, tools

Base: 7.5mm division with frames: 7.5; 15; 22,5; 30; 37.5mm

Base: 5mm division with frames: 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 30; 35mm

Other divisions on request!

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Praline Cutter
Praline Cutter
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