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Refurbished Blackhawks UH60A Helicopters Proposal in Berlin verkaufen
kaufen Refurbished Blackhawks UH60A Helicopters Proposal
Refurbished Blackhawks UH60A Helicopters Proposal

Refurbished Blackhawks UH60A Helicopters Proposal

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technische Daten
  • BrandmarkeBlackhawk
  • UrsprungslandUSA
  • Farbeпо желанию
  • Steiggeschwindigkeit7,87 m/s
  • Höchstgeschwindigkeit296 km/h
  • Reichweite584 km

we are pleased to offer our cost estimation for the supply of Refurbished Blackhawk UH60A Helicopters.
The offered helicopters originate from the US Military service, these Blackhawks were delivered to the US Military forces in the 1980's, they undergo commercialization and a "Reset" process.
The helicopters are provided with a minimum of 720 hours on all components.
The price for the basic configuration is USD $4.85 Million per helicopter, the basic configuration specifications are attached.
The helicopters are very rarely sold at the basic configuration and there are numerous options that can be added in accordance with the mission profile required.

Pricing for some of the options are:
Options Basic Helicopter V1
• Base Aircraft USD $4,850,000.00
• PMI 1 & 2 included
• 1 color paint (Per customer's request) included
• Cargo Hook included
• IVHUM ready included
• NVG included
• Export C of A included
• TC USD $120,000.00
• Glass Panel USD $33,000.00
• Medevac Beds USD $38,500.00
• TLX Trakka System Camera w USD $154,000.00
• Talon Exterior mount USD $121,000.00
• Fries Mount USD $82,500.00
• Kevlar for 7.62 cal Floor USD $136,500.00
• Transparent areas 5.56 cal USD $38,500.00
• Goodrich Hoist 42305 USD $343,000.00
• FLIR 3800HDc Basic USD $671,000.00
• Robby Fuel Tank USD $37,000.0000
This price does not include delivery.

Additional options to be priced per request where applicable:
Helicopter Configuration:
• Troops carrier
• Transport
• Air Ambulance (MEDAVAC)
• SAR – Search & Rescue
• Cargo Hook
• Rescue Hoist / Fast Rappel Rope
• Air conditioning
• Mission Computers
• Navigation Instrumentation
• Flight-Aid Instrumentation
• Weather Radar
• Glass cockpit
• Ballistic Armor
• Extended Range Fuel Tanks
• Day/Night Optics, FLIR
• Paint Scheme
• Weaponization

Helicopter Maintenance & Training:
• Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
• Hangars and Facilities
• Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
• Support Personnel
• Tooling
• Pilot Training
• Publications with Revision
• Maintenance Training
• Fleet Management
• Air Worthiness certification
• Spare Parts

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Refurbished Blackhawks UH60A Helicopters Proposal
Refurbished Blackhawks UH60A Helicopters Proposal
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